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wholesale Hen Night Hat

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Product Description
Lazy hat straws drink foreman hat helmet straw drink soda helmets portable hat drinker
Diameter of 18 * 22CM, cap along the total length of 28.7CM , hat a about 212 grams
Attention please:
This is a special hat, can be put on both sides of the beer or drink cans, then attached to two bottles of wine can be drunk, do not get it, lazy essentials. With this hat really is to walk and drink correct! Hat itself does not contain drinks, please bring your own!
As the hats produce well, just open the mouth may have some flavor, because the straw is also packaged together, on the air vents after drying (do not put the sun in the sun) will be better Oh, mind to buy carefully shot ,Thank you! ! (Straw PE pipe material, safe and non-toxic)
Product Description
NameBeer Holder
Mini order100pcs, each color
PackageBulk package, need it to be assembled by customers
SamplePlease contact us if   we have sample stock,if not, we need to make new sample
Production time15days
Shipping wayExpress/Sea
Payment TermsT/T or PAYPAL or   alibaba payment

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wholesale Hen Night Hat

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