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Sectional Warping Machine suppliers

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The Sectional Warping Machine for air jet loom is a novel and affordable warping machine recommended by the factory to small and medium-sized water spray, jet and middle rapier users.
It adopts a speed-regulating motor for the warping and falling axis. Achieve stepless speed regulation.
The adjustable claw bar is variable in multiple steps. The whole machine adopts a cover plate, which is completely enclosed, which is safe, reliable and luxurious. At the same time, the unique automatic lower shaft device makes the user more convenient and practical.

Performance characteristics:
1. High degree of electromechanical integration, using frequency conversion speed regulation and electronic counting technology.
2. The main car moves and the reverse shaft device is fixed, thus ensuring the relative position of the sliver and the tension stability.
3. The warping brake adopts electromagnetic braking, which is fast and stable. The inverted axle car adopts cycloidal pin wheel transmission, which has low noise and large output torque.
4. The drum adopts a fully enclosed steel welded structure with stronger strength.
5, special requirements can be based on user needs.
Working principle
The yarn is taken out from the creel and passed through a tension device, a yarn breakage self-stop device and a collecting plate, and then wound onto a warp beam through a oiler, a yarn storage device, a static eliminator, and a telescopic raft.

1. High quality warp yarn
Laser-assisted feeding and strip tension control ensure that the yarn is reasonably distributed in the transverse direction of the warp beam and the tension is stable.

When the split wire is automatically placed (the split is usually located on the barrel), the split yarn at the crepe is monitored by an optical sensor. This ensures a uniform winding and proper placement of the strands.

2. Flexibility and high productivity
The new splitting device is not fixed to the ground but is located on the upper part of the machine as part of the machine. By stratifying the warp yarns with a split twist, the device facilitates changing the product batch.

Scope of application:
Fine warp textiles, strong chemical fiber filament fabrics, color fabrics, silk fabrics, towel fabrics and special industrial fabrics.
It can be used as a weaving preparation device for shuttleless looms such as water jet, jet, rapier and gripper.

Why choose Deke?
1.Deke offers a variety of warping series, intelligent slitting warping machines, high-speed batch warping machines, high-speed warping machines are all using the latest technical design and high-quality manufacturing technology, and can provide matching with each Types of creels.

2.Deke Machinery provides customers with convenient services such as special design, equipment commissioning and technical transformation of textile machinery. With a sound quality inspection system and reliable after-sales service.Sectional Warping Machine suppliers

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