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Used Spinning Machine Made in China

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Cangnan County Chengshi second-hand textile equipment business department is located in Cangnan, Wenzhou. The warehouse covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters. As a company that has been developing for 13 years, “integrity” is the foundation of the second-hand textile machinery industry. Cangnan has more than 200 peers operating second-hand textile machines, which has formed a better industry atmosphere and also brought more fierce competition. Under this situation, “integrity textile” stands out. The number of employees exceeds 20, mainly responsible for disassembly and maintenance. The warehouse covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters, and the total inventory value is 5 million. Now, we mainly operate all kinds of domestic brand equipment. After the factory date of 2000, last year, our company has completed sales of 20 million.
The company purchases and sells clearing machines, carding machines, draw frames, roving frames, spinning frames, slot machines, steam spinning and other domestic and imported second-hand textile equipment, whole plant equipment or single units. The letter is good and reliable, based on the concept of honesty and strength, the customers all over the country, hope to cooperate with the enterprises and industry colleagues around the world! And strong strength and capable team, providing customers with strong technical support, successfully matching many textile enterprises, revitalizing assets for bankrupt enterprises and manufacturers of updated equipment, and saving a lot of money for new equipment and scale-up manufacturers.
 Used Spinning Machine Made in China

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