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Bathroom Medicine Cabinet manufacturers

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Helping you keep your bathroom space tidy and neat, illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet has three layers for storing toiletries and medicines. Illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet can facilitate your life.
▶Combining the function of mirror and storage cabinet, the bathroom medicine cabinet surface mount can save much space for your bathroom.
▶Both surface mounted and recessed mounted are available. You can contact us directly for more information.
▶Large storage space.
(About the illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet: Because it plays a certain storage role, we should not only pay attention to its aesthetics when purchasing, but also pay attention to its practicality. You can choose according to their actual needs. )
▶No noise while opening the cabinet door. This illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet has adopted advanced and high quality damping.
Size(WxH) 28''W x 12''H x 3'' D
28''W x 24''H x 3'' D
28''W x 36''H x 3'' D
Custom sizes
Light Source 2835/5050/3014/3020 LED strips, T5HO/HE
Input Voltage 110~240V
Color 2700k~6500k
CRI Ra>80 Ra>90 Ra>95
Illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet:
A great helper in small bathroom decoration.
By using illuminated bathroom mirror cabinet, you can put all your toiletry inside the cabinet which may save much space.
Actually, you can even install two illuminated bathroom mirror cabinets in one bathroom so as to make the best use of you bathroom.
Product Quality Inspection
Company Information
Future direction of Sanying Lighting Company Limited.
Guided by an open and innovative corporate culture, our employees work together to achieve the peace of mind of our customers with unique ideas. We will surly provide the most satisfactory LED lighting mirrors to customers in any countries.
Q: How to maintain LED lighting products in good condition?
A: During cleaning and maintenance, users should not change the structure of the LED lighting products. It's also suggest that you can wipe the mirror as well as the lighting strip with dry towel. Bathroom Medicine Cabinet manufacturers

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