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Custom Logo Keychain factory

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Item name:keychain.
Material:zinc alloy die casting
Logo:3D on one side without soft enamel infilled.
Quantity:No MOQ
Package:each one in poly bag.
Lead time:7 days for sample,12 days for mass production,3-4 days for shipping by air.
KeyChain Type
1, PVC soft rubber key ring, plastic, and can be customized according to the size and shape you want, mold is not too expensive, most jewelry store this material disadvantage, colors tend to become darker.
2, acrylic key chains, namely acrylic, imported and domestic materials, hollow and solid, transparent, colored paper; degree of hardness decision of acrylic key chain wear. Currently 3H acrylic surfaces are easier to take.
3, zinc alloy key chains, zinc is also one of the plasticity of metal, generally through a drop of oil on the surface or metal plated anti-rust treatment;
4, holsters light Keychain, with stitched leather, genuine leather, imitation leather, PU, embedded with small lights in the middle of a keychain, or dark places can also be used for lighting at night;
5, solar key chain, solar panels, and the effect of sunlight, patterns of looming;
6, material ABS stereo Keychain, open an injection mold, ABS plastic, paint, mold costs higher, make the number larger. A lot better than PVC quality.
7, Crystal Keychain, generally in the artificial Crystal materials, can be made into any shape Crystal Keychain, costs typically ranging from one to dozens of Yuan. Crystal fashion's favorite song: "I love you, Crystal, no burdens, secret, clean and transparent. My love for you is a beautiful crystal, unique light shining on you in my heart. "Crystal has become a symbol of purity.
The most popular focused keychain collections are advertising, souvenir, monument, popular characters and nostalgia-related items.
As a collectible item
Collectors display and store their keychains in several different ways. Some collections are small enough that the collector can place all of their keychains on their standard key ring. Some larger collections can be stored and displayed on dowels, cork boards, tool racks, on large link chains, in display cases, hung on walls, displayed on Christmas trees. Some collections are large enough that entire rooms are dedicated to the keychain collection.
According to Guinness World Records, Brent Dixon of Georgia, United States currently holds the world record for the largest collection of keychains, at 41,418 non-duplicated ones.
Keychains don't hold their value as well as other collections. A standard keychain that was purchased for five dollars new may only be worth less than a dollar once it has been owned regardless of condition.Custom Logo Keychain factory

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